Why a new pharmaceutical brand chose to improve their audit trail


When an ex-Arachnys fan moved to head up the compliance team at a spin out company from his former employer, he instantly organised a meeting with us. His team needed a rapid implementation of a risk solution that they could trust, and we were more than happy to help.

The client had a team across Geneva, Texas and Rio de Janeiro. Initially the client was interested in using the Investigator product again, but quickly saw the additional benefits of Navigator – in particular, the ability to integrate LexisNexis and BVD, and the enhanced audit trail.


We worked with the client to review the sources they would need across our 23,000 source library, to be used in assessing risk across their supply chain. It was seen as a key strategic deliverable to protect the reputation of the company, especially given the global nature of those they are doing business with on a daily basis. The client moved forward with a 3 year contract, trusting Arachnys as a long term provider.


After signing a contract, Arachnys provided a data-expert and a dedicated account manager to design the due diligence process needed. Within a month, the client were fully rolled out and live, with full training provided by our team. The team have been impressed enough that they’ve already helped provide references to other pharmaceutical companies in the space. 

“The client was extremely open with us, which really helped us ensure exactly the platform and configuration needed so they could reduce their reputation-based risk. As their new business strategy unfolds, we can’t wait to see how they may grow over the next three years together, at least!”

Tim Marques, Senior Account Manager, Arachnys