We tamed one of the world’s most complex supply chains


Commodities businesses face the same regulatory pressure that banks do because of their trading activity and high international risk. Arachnys is pleased to work with several of the world’s largest, as there is also significant risk from bribery and corruption from a supply chain perspective. 

This client came to Arachnys with a clear call for change, representing the team handling due diligence for the trading arm of one of the world’s largest oil companies. They had previously outsourced their due diligence reports, but were spending too much time manually reviewing them to make sure they were of utmost quality. 

Therefore, the client thought it would be more logical to enable their team to conduct the process themselves, so long as the results adhered strongly to regulations. They also wanted to improve their adverse media monitoring capabilities by supplementing Google with premium data providers. 

“Outsourcing risk is a fallacy – it not only means we’ve more risk due to less control, but we end up duplicating all the research anyway to double check the quality, which costs even more money. Arachnys can help us get so much more from our existing team, and are built to cope with our trading business’ exposure.”
– CDD Manager


Arachnys worked with their team to conduct EDD across many regions. While lacking some in-house expertise for challenging jurisdictions such as Russia, our machine learning capabilities leveraged the translation of rich data sources in local languages.

We also provided, for high risk entities, the ability to monitor adverse media regularly. This allowed the client to continuously see what had changed, rather than re-reviewing legacy information. 

The client ran an independent audit of the Arachnys process against their previous manual process; our data was found to be more reliable than that from Google. The client also benefited from a standardized approach, and the translation capabilities allowed analysts to make better risk decisions. 

Teams were now able to collaborate and share data far more easily; the client had a due diligence (IDD) team and one for enhanced due diligence. The platform’s transparency meant that the EDD team could provide a deeper analysis of information initially flagged by the IDD team, and research wouldn’t have to be completed from scratch. 

The client is looking to grow their usage of the platform, adding a further 50 analysts. 


  • Data can now be shared with confidence between teams, and new research can be built on existing reports rather than working from scratch resulting in significant time savings.
  • Following an independent audit, the firm was confident that Arachnys’ data was more reliable than results from Google alone.
  • Continual monitoring of adverse media for high risk entities identifies new risks, rather than having to continually investigate all legacy information.