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Third Party Due Diligence

Intelligent data to onboard and screen any business, fast

Arachnys provide a single, intelligent feed for the world’s KYC and AML data so you can onboard and monitor any third party in the world, fast. Our technology has helped some of the world’s biggest brands avoid regulatory fines and improved efficiency by automating manual processes and making data reusable.

The Problem


Companies lack clear oversight for third-party onboarding and struggle to track, monitor and screen complex global third parties.

90% of anti-bribery and corruption enforcement actions are linked to misconduct from third parties, and 8 in 10 organizations discover third-party risks after their initial due diligence.

Onboarding new suppliers typically takes 3-6 months, with multiple friction points across the process leading to lost revenue.

The Arachnys Advantage


Better data

Unparalleled global source coverage enables you to run 100% of your external data gathering process through one set of tools.

98 Languages

Surface content in 98 languages, supported in multiple scripts including Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic, across 220 jurisdictions.
improved efficiency

Less manual effort

Automate your enhanced due diligence across 23,000+ sources, reducing false positives and manual searching techniques.

Full audit control

Prove your findings with a consolidated PDF report which also includes heat maps, summaries of completed steps and audit supporting detail.

Curate & reuse

Curation tools to create a full audit trail of your external research processes, with the ability to share and reuse data across your organization.


Connect your organization's workflow applications directly to the external data they need to make better, faster compliance decisions.


Global data search: Continuously search across 23,000+ risk-relevant, open-source and premium providers in over 98 languages supported in multiple scripts (incl. Arabic, Chinese & Cyrillic) across 220 jurisdictions

Configurable investigative process management: Investigative policy configuration and execution, guides your analysts in accordance with KYC/CDD/EDD processes. Reducing investigation and QA time and effort.

Machine learning-powered automated screening: Reduce investigative cycle time using smart content-acquisition methods, and reduce false positives using automated screening for risk categorisation and assessment.

Risk identification, categorization and evidencing: Providing fast, accurate and consistent risk determinations with automatic audit trail for simple or complex investigations.

Structured audit report creation: PDF report generation and export capabilities (with or without appendix, translated and non-translated).

Powerful APIs: Enable Arachnys data-discovery processes from basic, bulk search through to entity profiling, and process orchestration to be integrated into firms’ customer lifecycle-management, transaction-monitoring, risk-analysis and other applications.

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Unified Search API

Query any KYC or AML data source – even those without APIs – using a single set of credentials and a unified query language.

Entity API

Synchronize entity state between your systems and Arachnys, track revisions and changes and resolve entities across datasets.

supply chain due diligence

Supply chain due diligence is faltering: here’s how to tackle it

Many companies are still not identifying crucial risks in their supply chain. Illegal and unethical practices are still rampant among the suppliers of large companies as a result. However, use of due diligence solutions to address these problems is accelerating rapidly.

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