Robots are at the heart of our customer risk intelligence platform and is designed to mimic human interaction with web content, common to KYC/Onboarding, Due Diligence & AML investigations. These robots help analysts evaluate and access risk-relevant information for decisioning purposes.

Since these robots are aware of result quality, the platform not only delivers improved outcomes but also prescriptive & predictive risk analytics across the business.

As regulatory scrutiny increases, many organizations are faced with having to navigate data-heavy regulations — MiFIDII and BCBS239 are just two of many. Arachnys’ machine-led evaluation processes learn, adjust, and improve, the more data they consume.

By manipulating both structured & unstructured data, Arachnys turns content like adverse media into valuable signals that can be used to feed advanced classification and clustering algorithms. This drives major operational savings as human decision-making is enhanced with pre-analyzed content.

"AI" is a catch-all for machine-assisted intelligence, decisioning & automation. As data volume, velocity, and variety continue to balloon, sifting real risk from noise becomes an increasingly critical effort to ensure your risk decisioning is accurate.

Our AI capabilities support massive content processing to simplify and standardized the consumption of data for the generation of risk analytics. This is fundamental to both cost reduction as a result of automation and top-line revenue as a result of advanced risk assessment and intelligence.

All Arachnys functionality is built on a suite of open APIs to maximize collaboration across the business and increase transparency between functions. For example, your organization can augment its data coverage by linking the platform to internal and 3rd party content sources. The value of web services and open APIs also extends to your legacy systems, thereby maintaining the value of those systems.

Financial crime prevention system ecosystems can be constructed using these services by speeding transaction workflows, providing for more rapid composition and integration of departmental systems and providing a platform for technical innovation.

Because capital-constrained and regulatory burdened firms are re-imagining technology platforms, its an easy choice to move to the cloud given the improved scalability and security a cloud infrastructure provides. And although those are clear benefits, Arachnys believes that the ultimate goal of any cloud strategy should be to provide an engine for an entity and data-centric firm that can easily generate advanced prescriptive and prescriptive analytics.

This can only be accomplished with a cloud-native, Big Data architected solution. Simply porting to the cloud won't do it. Native Cloud & Big Data systems naturally manage massive data sets and applies analytics against them. They also make data easily portable between upstream and downstream systems allowing for decision making a multiple levels within the firm.

Natural language processing (NLP) capabilities have grown out of a need to make sense of highly variable & subjective data such as news and social media. Data quality and availability are always an issue, even for straightforward investigations.

Our algorithms are woven throughout the platform, enabling search results to be broken down by entities & jurisdictions, then retrieved and filtered according to customizable relevance calculations that draw on cutting-edge cognitive modeling.

NLP is the bridge between users and the RPA & ML operating behind the scenes. This enables risk teams to cut through noise and apply advanced techniques to a broader range of risk-relevant information, ensuring a comprehensive perspective on risk.