Build, Enrich and Maintain a Singular View of your Client

Manual and error-prone processes, compounded by ever-evolving regulations and significant due diligence requests are driving longer onboarding times and time to revenue, greater costs, higher customer dissatisfaction and non-compliance.  Built to support global institutions, Arachnys /Spotlight enables institutional capture and reuse of due diligence investigations for all your KYC, CIP and onboarding needs.

Sample Use Cases

  • KYC CIP assembly
  • Client data verification
  • UBO identification
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Poor Onboarding Impact

According to industry analysts, onboarding processes can take up to 34 weeks and cost approximately $25,000 per client. As a result, lost revenue is easily in the triple digit millions.

  • 30% of corporates take more than 2 months to onboard
  • 12% of lost clients are due directly to repetition of regulatory documentation requests
  • 28% is due to an inconsistent client service across lines of business or regions

Onboarding as a Competitive Advantage

Arachnys /Spotlight is an end-to-end entity management solution. It orchestrates entity profile creation and  enrichment with 3rd party data, including relationship interrogation & determination, and beneficial ownership verification. It provides global reuse of prior investigative diligence to accelerate current investigations. It is an end-to-end entity management solution:

  • KYC / CIP profile assembly
  • Entity profile data population and verification
  • Entity sanction list screening
  • Automated content acquisition, simulating analyst interaction with web site data
  • Preservation and evidencing content 
  • Risk scoring inputs
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Firm Benefits

  • Risk Understanding that goes beyond revenue acceleration, which is important. Arachnys /Spotlight provides a level of understanding of risk to determine how to gain more market share
  • Compliance is improved by enabling transparency of previous decisions in order to justify rationale to regulators
  • Manual effort is reduced through an automated search process which adheres to your search policy
  • Search quality is improved by ensuring that primary sources are used whenever possible
  • Complete process audit and traceability
  • Cost savings via automation, QA and QC Management savings, more controls and reducing the likelihood of remediation projects
  • Integrates directly with Arachnys /Navigator and /Sentry  for Risk Assessment/EDD and Periodic Review, providing an end-to-end risk management solution, which drives uniformity, efficiency, operational cost savings and improved time to revenue


Able to avoid being harmed by any risk, danger or threat


methods for automatically controlling processes, especially online


To make a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance, or character


To act or be in accordance with wishes, requests, demands, requirements, conditions, etc.; agree