Understanding your risk exposure and the true “cost of compliance” are just two of the most challenging aspects of AML and CDD/EDD operations:


    • Data is scattered across multiple systems and difficult to combine
    • Subjective analysis is captured as part of an unstructured investigation narrative
    • Patterns are difficult to detect until it’s too late

Arachnys Insight provides for a deep examination of risk, operational and usage activity data to  produce actionable insight for KYC, AML & CDD/EDD operations



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A BSA Officer or MLRO

Data drives speed to value, cost reductions and improved operational efficiency. But, only if the right questions are asked and analysis has been applied. Arachnys /Spotlight enables your organization  differentiate yourself, both internally and externally. This differentiation is based on both the quality of h analytics and your ability to turn Arachnys-driven insights into execution.

  • What is my geographic risk exposure?
  • What types of risks do we uncover?
  • How can I further refine risk assessment?
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A CRO or Head of Business

If you are a CRO, CCO or other Line of Business lead, the questions that keep you up at night directly affect the health and welfare of the business: 

  • What is my true cost of compliance?
  • Are my product portfolios optimized for given markets
  • Do I need to design an "AML to Fraud handover process?
  • How do they compare to the rest of the team?

Firm Benefits

Arachnys /Insight provides the analytical fact base to evaluate operational performance, understand your analysts and their effectiveness, determine needed changes in business model, process or product optimization.


Able to avoid being harmed by any risk, danger or threat


methods for automatically controlling processes, especially online


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