There is a tremendous amount of value in your legacy systems and data.  That functionality and content could be locked away if you don’t have the proper tools to bridge those capabilities and existing ecosystem to new cloud-based application and services.

Codec provides:

  • The management of web services and APIs to Arachnys captive and sourced data
  • Tool integrations for entity profile search and data management
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Connected Systems Deliver

Firms can only distribute innovation, increase transparency among business functions, maintain or increase investments in legacy systems if there is a common platform which coalesces and combines capabilities and delivers more unique, varied and "return-rich" innovations.




Purposeful Innovation 

Connected data and systems not only enriches your decisioning but enables your firm to readily respond to user requirements quickly and comply with new regulations with rigor.

  • Guaranteed up-times & custom regionalization are easily supported
  • Legacy system leverage and data through integration
  • Easy utilization of web services ensure that effort can be focused on creating and deploying intelligent investigation practices, not deploying code
  • Cloud services and open APIs expose the intelligence contained within the platform coming from structured & unstructured data
  • Critical BCBS239-relevant insight into policy adherence, research effectiveness, risk areas, and opportunities to de-risk are a distinct advantage as of result
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Firm Benefits

  • Your organization can augment its data coverage by linking the platform to internal and 3rd party content sources,  thereby creating richer entities which ensures  greater accuracy for decisioning

  • The inherent capabilities of web services and open APIs to knit together disparate systems extends to your legacy applications and data, thereby maintaining and unlocking that value inherent in those systems -- useful prior investments are maintained

  • Financial crime prevention ecosystems can be constructed using these services to speed transaction workflows, leverage the platform for more rapid composition and integration of departmental systems and providing a platform for technical innovation


Able to avoid being harmed by any risk, danger or threat


methods for automatically controlling processes, especially online


To make a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance, or character


To act or be in accordance with wishes, requests, demands, requirements, conditions, etc.; agree