KYC AML remediation

Smart KYC Remediation

Complete KYC profiles faster, reuse data across teams and reduce onboarding costs

Regulatory pressure to clear KYC and AML backlogs has long created a huge burden for financial institutions. Remediation work is typically deemed expensive, lacking in quality, difficult to forecast and control, and hard to reuse.

The Problem


Financial institutions need to be able to quickly screen, verify, and identify complex business customers as part of their remediation process or face severe penalties from the regulator.

Rapidly changing regulation can lead to bulk de-risking of entire customer segments due to the manual and time-consuming remediation process required.

Banks need to vastly accelerate the validation and enrichment of entity profiles for onboarding, periodic review and transaction monitoring alert clearing.

The Arachnys Advantage


Faster entity resolution

Identify third parties quickly and efficiently with automated entity enrichment with high-quality data for high-risk counterparties.
cloud data

Leverage existing data

Leverage existing KYC entity profiles, making them reusable and improving the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of global research.
improved efficiency

Reduced manual effort

Automated population of entity and risk profiles for large volumes of entities with minimum manual effort, improving efficiency.

Identify UBOs

Data enrichment means faster Ultimate Beneficial Ownership identification and automatic shareholding calculation.
rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

Quick-to-deploy platform for use by internal and external teams allowing institutions to quickly respond to regulatory pressure.

Easy integration

Our modular platform enables easy integration into any existing system architecture, as well as scaling to support new diverse data sources.


Onboarding, periodic review and investigative procedures are embedded in guided workflows allowing analysts and teams to be trained in hours.

Entity-led research processes in line with customer policy to rationalize, collate and consolidate profiles, and associated content.

Search process automation for open source data acquisition, reducing manual effort and human error by leveraging Robotic Process Automation.

Speed-up process determination by enriching and validating entity profiles using 23,000+ risk-relevant data sources in 98 languages.

Structured audit report creation: PDF report generation and export capabilities (with or without appendix, translated and non-translated).

Powerful APIs: Enable Arachnys data-discovery processes from basic, bulk search through to entity profiling, and process orchestration to be integrated into firms’ existing compliance systems.

Unified Search API

Query any KYC or AML data source – even those without APIs – using a single set of credentials and a unified query language.

Entity API

Synchronize entity state between your systems and Arachnys, track revisions and changes and resolve entities across datasets.

perpetual kyc

White Paper: Achieving Perpetual KYC

How close is the financial world to achieving perpetual KYC?

Oliver Wyman shared with us their Global KYC benchmarking study on Global Banking & Markets KYC, which has found that the overall onboarding time for corporate banking customers is a staggering 90-120 days.

In this white paper, , we look at how banks can reduce onboarding times, KYC refresh costs and improve the customer experience by leveraging better technology and automation across the three pillars of data:

  • Driving efficiency with self-reported customer data
  • Using automation to capture & screen external data
  • Reducing risk through monitoring transaction behaviour

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