Perpetual KYC / Periodic Review


Constant confidence in customer data

Traditional periodic review cycles are operationally complex and fail to keep pace with the change of information about your customers.

Arachnys Sentry delivers perpetual KYC and trigger event review by continuously monitoring corporate data, adverse media and watchlists to discover risks in real time.



Manual, error-prone and repetitive customer reviews create chaos. Many organizations cannot even complete periodic review cycles for lower-risk customers because of the costs and challenges associated with high-risk customers.

Too much work is repeated, and because data provenance from KYC/onboarding is unclear, determining which data is truly accurate can be guesswork.

Technology can revolutionize the periodic review operating model if it can proactively monitor for changes in key corporate or personal data, as well as watchlist, sanctions and news content. Arachnys Sentry was developed to deliver this value to FIs.

Evolve to Perpetual Review


Only act when risk changes, with event-driven KYC and beneficial ownership monitoring in real-time

Never miss anything important, with automatic adverse media monitoring

Access all the info you need, with the World’s largest risk dataset - 23,000 open source websites, and integrations with all premium data sources - in 98 languages and every character set

Keep track of everything you and your team have done, with comprehensive compliance documentation and rich audit trails -- data change logs, user logs and audit history

Speed up analysis with AI powered false positive reduction

Make risk decisions quickly, with auto-suggestion of dispositions with AI-powered sentiment-analysis

Ensure your analysts spend their time where it matters, by creating a true risk led approach with complete configurability at population, segment or customer levels

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