Providing frictionless AML for a global bank’s 3,000 analysts


Large banks find difficulty with duplicative effort, a negative which decreases the overall efficiency of AML processes. One of the largest global banks, operating in 70 countries, was looking to streamline their AML investigations as 40% of their processes were duplicative across their 3,000 strong analyst team. Large headcount and manual work is the cause for a lack of quality across the processing of KYC and AML files. This particular client had to deal with alerts generated from around 10 million retail clients and a large correspondent banking workload – services that are subject to stringent AML regulations.

Duplication of investigations were caused by a case-based approach rather than a customer-based one; this operational system is flawed in that analysts often repeat the same external research to make risk decisions when cases are escalated due to adverse keyword findings. The process was also more problematic when trying to monitor transactions; the bank had to link their research from premium data providers with open source information, sometimes using Google, and combine them with risk assessments from watchlist services. The generation of an audit trail and custom report involved the manual copy-and-pasting of information.

Automation would solve these problems of unnecessary manual work, hence why it was necessary for this client to standardize a new, automated approach for frictionless AML.


Arachnys was chosen following a vendor RFP due to the ability to automate search, and a pilot of our platform functionality was chosen before going live.

The pilot involved the demonstration of boosting efficiency through the Arachnys platform. Through working with precise metrics outlined by stakeholders and allowing for greater transparency between siloed teams, headcount was lowered, and once repeated audit trail processes were streamlined through automation. The implemented measures were rolled out enterprise-wide to be used by the bank’s compliance function in order to conduct AML investigations while pleasing the regulator.

Originally introduced to 1,500 analysts across 40 countries, this was later rolled out to 3,000 analysts in 70 countries within only 12 weeks. Arachnys continues to support the client and solidify the partnership through regular executive meetings, acting as one cohesive team.


  • Increased automation – reduced data reuse and the automation of audit trails drastically improved AML investigations
  • Scalability – global rollout of the Arachnys platform across 3,000 analysts, including increased transparency between siloed teams
  • Ongoing onboarding – following the changes, the client is looking to extend the use of the platform for client onboarding and periodic review
  • Fast implementation – go-live 12 weeks from signature