Real-time Delta Monitoring and Reporting

As demands for more stringent standards and auditability of client investigations increase, the need for finding the right data at the right time for the right entities is essential. Our focus on comprehensive and automated entity monitoring gives you  continued confidence in your client risk assessments and ability to maintain an accurate and up-to-date view of your analyst's decisions.


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The Impact of Changing Risk Profiles 

Naturally, as time goes by, client risk profiles evolve as a result of changes in their business operations or personal status. However, the controls banks have in place today are mostly manual and rely primarily on predetermined, fixed-interval review cycles. These are typically combined with a limited number of trigger events (e.g. SAR/STR filed).

These controls tend to be labor intensive and costly. And, they don't  fully mitigate all risk, as risk events which occur in-between review cycles can be easily missed. Arachnys /Sentry was developed to address these issues and more.  


Replacing Inaccurate with Accurate

/Sentry utilizes an automation engine for event-triggering. This always-on content monitoring means that delta entity collection, verification and enrichment happens automatically.
  • It eliminates inaccurate data, decreases false positives and reduces erroneous analyst decisions

  • Provides automatic risk categorization and reporting of delta information

  • Conducts sanctions, registry, watchlist and adverse media monitoring
  • Customized review policies can be applied to unique customer segments to ensure the right right policies are applied to distinct populations

  • Access to your library of previous investigations are utilized to not only speed current investigations but to provide rationale to regulators

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Firm Benefits

  • Reduced risk to your firm by having an always-on monitoring of risk, thereby decreasing both risk to reputation or a compliance miss
  • Rich audit data to meet stringent regulatory assessments
  • Cost savings from eliminating high human capital investments
  • Significant reductions in false positives strengthen your ability to curb illicit financial transactions and avoiding the inaccuracies of  legacy detection systems
  • Eliminates rigid & labor-intensive effort so that material changes are captured and analysts have more time to make accurate assessments 
  • Automated monitoring and delta functionality drives your processes towards perpetual review, which not only provides a complete view into potential and real risk to your firm  -- it simultaneously reduces workload and helps you redirect your human capital to where it's needed most


Able to avoid being harmed by any risk, danger or threat


methods for automatically controlling processes, especially online


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