InsideArachnys – Q&A with German Syroezhkin, Senior Software Engineer

Welcome to InsideArachnys, a series of interviews where we speak to the people behind the Arachnys platform. In this edition, we caught up with German Syroezhkin, one of our Senior Software Engineers in London.

Hi German, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and explain your role at Arachnys?

Hi, my name is German and I am a Senior Software Engineer at Arachnys. I joined the team a little more than a year ago on the first day of lockdown.

I graduated from the NRNU Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, where I studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, both for Masters and PhD degrees. My career path started during the third year of my studies when I started working part-time and applying my knowledge to real products.

Do you find yourself applying the knowledge from your Masters and PhD degrees in your everyday work?

I wouldn’t say that I am applying the technical knowledge gained from them, but the experience I got from studying itself – planning and organizing the internal processes – helps me a lot to collaborate with teammates and leads to achieve our goals more efficiently.

Your career path has taken you from working with facial recognition technology, to content management, to mining. What transferable skills in software engineering do you feel apply best to the financial/regulatory technology world you now work in at Arachnys?

At some point, you see a particular pattern in the software development lifecycle and growth of the product – from the idea and research to the actual implementation and deployment. The more different the products are, the more different perspectives you see which eventually help you to cover the subject from all sides and fully understand it.

The most intersecting part of my career path is data. There are various types of data these days that need to be processed, and some concepts from it are useful among the different fields. At Arachnys we have a lot of data to unify, store and process, so I hope my previous experience with it made me join the team and start being a positive contributor much faster.

What are you working on right now and what technologies/languages are involved?

The team I am currently working in is involved in creating the new platform, which is going to be used for KYC, Monitoring and Onboarding and Refresh scenarios.

Our everyday tech stack includes Python, AWS and Elasticsearch. Knowledge of algorithms and math is also heavily used – it makes our services efficient and reliable. Using the latest and time-tested technologies makes me proud of what we are building.

What advice would you give to software engineers who want to become more senior in their careers?

Grow not only in breadth, but also upward or in the other directions. Try not only to improve the skills you use in your everyday work, but also find the opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and ask for the possibility to do some design or product management piece of work. Learn from your colleagues and watch your progress at different scales – how things changed in the last 1-2 months and plan what can be achieved within the next period of time.

And finally, who do you look to for inspiration? Can you recommend any great books/people to follow/TEDtalks/podcasts that you follow? (work related or otherwise!)

I am learning a lot from my teammates and team leads. Engineers at Arachnys are some of the strongest I have ever been working with.

I would like to recommend anything that extends your knowledge horizons. It can be work-related or not, that keeps you studying and getting new information. You will never know how it can be useful in the future – so better get prepared! Personally, I would recommend taking a look at the courses offered by DeepLearning.AI and the Coursera founder Andrew Ng. There are multiple sorting points available – Deep Learning for intermediate level and AI For Everyone for the beginners. This will definitely reveal a new look at technology and the world as a whole.

From the behavioural side of things, I like the community and their blog and emails. They not only teach me leadership skills, but also how to behave in various work-related situations, for example how to give and receive feedback, as well as remote collaboration advice.

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