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Automated KYC solutions for your business

Across the globe, organisations are being met with penalties for the non-compliance of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know your Customer (KYC) regulation. In fact, these have hit an all-time high for financial institutions and other regulated industries. Cost cutting, market shifts and the pressure from numerous regulators means that many industries face a call to reduce financial crime, improve the customer expert and shrink overhead spend. It’s a tall order to ask for an increase in team efficiency without the appropriate tools to do it.

Here at Arachnys, our team have both a wide range of in-depth domain expertise as well as experience of designing and implementing cloud-based solutions. With our support we can align your people and processes, with your risk policy, and reduce the burden of manual, laborious and inefficient workloads.

With access to unparalleled global data sources and solutions, our tools help you to automate and accelerate manual effort in customer onboarding, vendor onboarding and due diligence, monitor adverse media and mitigate reputational risk.

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