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How to achieve a single source of truth for AML & KYC data [podcast]

David Buxton, CEO and Founder of Arachnys joins the Captivated Audience Podcast to discuss the single source of truth approach for data aggregation, the spectrum of data sources relevant for financial crime prevention, desktop bots and the essential role of the analyst in defining the reliability of unstructured data sources.


The problem that compliance, onboarding and investigations specialists face is that in the real world, there is so much complex data situated across different languages and jurisdictions, it’s tough to collate everything you need into a single source of truth. As David explains, we look to consolidate all the information to streamline AML and KYC processes. 

To do this, David outlines how we harvest a vast range of information from open source locations as well as specialist places; this could be government documents, sanctions lists, media snippets etc. We also partner with third party data providers for niche data including shipping or litigation data, and look to utilise cloud robotic process automation to take information from the website, connecting the user to raw data through our API. 

You can check out both parts on this page, or visit the Captivated Audience Podcast on Spotify.

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