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Run KYC, AML and EDD processes quickly and confidently with better data, faster automation and rapid deployment.

Look risk in the eye.

Why we're market

  • Know everything you need to know about any customer, globally
  • Streamlined, fast, automated processes, to reduce friction and cost
  • Near instant deployment and scale without any overhead

Tier 1 Investment Bank Onboarding

How we're helping a global investment bank avoid $100M of remediation cost

Enterprise-wide AML Investigations

3,000 analysts executing all investigative work faster, with a standardized process

EDD for top US bank, live in 12 weeks

We cut the time in half for EDD for the entire client base of one of the US' largest banks
Entities monitored
1.9 Bn
Risk relevant articles
All the data you need in one place

We know what the world knows about your customers, and you have a regulatory obligation to match this. 23,000 sources, every major data provider, 98 languages and every script - for a true risk-led approach.

Streamlined, fast and automated process to reduce friction and cost

We cut through the noise and take you to the data that matters. True enterprise knowledge management means you can remove silos and eliminate duplicate research between teams.

Instant deployment, proven at scale

Configuration-based deployment coupled with a transformation team enables operational flexibility, proven in the world's largest regulated institutions, powered by the cloud for a future-proof approach.

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