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Frictionless KYC & AML

Intelligent data to onboard and monitor any business, fast.

Arachnys accelerates onboarding by providing the best global KYC and AML data. Enriched, automated data on customers enables straight-through processing and means fewer customer touchpoints, less risk and quicker revenue.

Real-time registry and adverse media connections allow you to keep regulators happy while reducing refresh costs and improving customer experience.

A suite of APIs allow modular integration into customer lifecycle and case management tools, removing manual processes, reducing headcount, and improving efficiency.



A continuously growing source index, search functionality and bank of pre-discovered AML and KYC data.


Tools that streamline the consolidation and synthesis of data in any format or language across 200 jurisdictions.


APIs that integrate Arachnys data-discovery and processes to your downstream applications and compliance infrastructure.

A single, intelligent feed of the world’s KYC & AML data

We channel data into your ecosystem

We act as a single lens, accessing and assembling the best data from global sources, improving efficiency, reducing manual workload and providing a full audit trail of your external research processes.

No other vendor combines data source expertise with content automation, data curation tools and APIs to connect your organization’s workflow applications directly to the external data you need to make better, faster decisions.

Arachnys KYC AML data APIs

Unified Search API

Query any KYC or AML data source – even those without APIs – using a single set of credentials and a unified query language.

Entity API

Synchronize entity state between your systems and Arachnys, track revisions and changes and resolve entities across datasets.

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