Enhancing supply chain due diligence for a multinational oil and gas firm


Oil and gas businesses face the similar regulatory pressure as banks due to their trading activity and high international risk, particularly from bribery and corruption from a supply chain perspective.

The trading arm of one of the world’s largest oil companies approached Arachnys with the task of implementing a solution in-house that would enhance their due diligence reporting through automation. The client had previously outsourced their due diligence efforts – a costly and timely exercise – and also spent precious time manually reviewing these reports beyond the first stage as a quality control exercise.

Therefore, they tasked Arachnys with enabling their own due diligence team to conduct the supply chain process themselves, so long as the results were compliant and adhered strongly to regulations. They also wanted to leverage more data sources from premium data providers to supplement Google; this would be to improve their adverse media monitoring capabilities, across a global remit which brings into account difficulties in efficiency and managerial oversight to maintain compliance.


Arachnys worked with the client to conduct Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) across these many regions. There were some discrepancies in the in-house expertise relating to challenging jurisdictions such as Russia, but the machine learning capabilities in the Arachnys platform leveraged the translation of rich data sources in local languages.

Arachnys also provided the ability to monitor adverse media continuously for high risk entities. This allowed the client to regularly check what changes have occurred rather than performing a re-review of legacy information which involves manual work, wasting time and money.

When the client performed an internal audit of the Arachnys process against their own previous manual workload, our data was found to be more reliable than that from Google. The client also praised the standardized approach, allowing the analysts to perform due diligence far more efficiently, and the translation capabilities also sped up these complex processes.

As the client has a due diligence (IDD) team and another for EDD, this frictionless, one platform approach allowed them to collaborate and share data far more easily. The transparency offered by the platform allowed the EDD team to conduct further supply chain due diligence flagged by the IDD team, lowering the duplication of research. The client is looking to leverage further usage of the Arachnys to the platform, adding another 50 analysts.


  • Cost saving – data can now be shared collaboratively between teams, reducing the time and cost spent on researching existing reports from scratch significantly
  • Greater efficiency – the continuous monitoring of adverse media for high risk entities identifies new risk without the needs for investigating legacy information
  • Enhanced data – an independent audit found Arachnys’ data to be more reliable than results from Google alone