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Unified Search API

Everything you need for KYC/AML

Arachnys Unified Search is a single data gateway that allows intelligent retrieval of AML, and screening documents from across 23,000 sources using either the Arachnys UI or using our Unified Search API.

Arachnys Search makes it possible to refine searches using jurisdiction, date, adverse terms and other parameters getting the results you need. Searching for structured data is now simplified meaning you can fulfil KYC processes quickly by allowing automated attribute comparison, helping you spend less time with false positives. Move away from using a generic search engine optimised for profits and advertising and to one that is specialised in identifying risk.

A single unified search syntax allows you to consolidate onboarding processes across jurisdictions and geographies and include new data sources as soon as they become available and nothing is out of reach thanks to the Universal Data Adaptor, a built in tool that allows capturing data from outside our ecosystem.

By connecting you to specialised data we ensure that you can build accurate risk profiles without the worry of missing important information.


Onboard complex entities quickly

Arachnys’ unparalleled access to data includes corporate data in 200+ jurisdictions, allowing you to complete CIP verification for even the most complex entities and groups anywhere on the planet. The Arachnys search knows where to get the data you need, taking you directly there and saving you time.

Answer your most important questions

Fine-grained access to any global data allows you to interrogate the entire universe to answer questions specific to your process or risk area, such as automating the discovery of customer nature of business or exposure to potential risky industries.

Reduce onboarding drop-off

By successfully matching more customers than is possible with any single data source, you reduce customer frustration and drop-off through onboarding and activation while improving the quality and accuracy of your golden-source information.

Simple to integrate

Get started in hours with one of our integration tutorials that shows you how to include Arachnys Data Gateway in your application or use directly in the Arachnys platform with our rich AI and integration with the entire Arachnys Ecosystem.

Enterprise scale

Customers process tens of millions of corporate enquiries, sanctions, watchlists and adverse media checks a year using the Arachnys Unified Search. You can make the scale of your company work for you by using previous search results to build a picture of your subjects using Arachnys Entities.

Greater insight using AI

Arachnys provides access to a unique set of AI-derived sources over media, shipping data and other data sets to help you spot risks hiding in plain sight.

Use cases

AML screening

Arachnys allows you to use sanctions and watchlist data from your preferred provider and squeeze more value from it by using our sophisticated search and filtering methodologies. Our advanced algorithms increase the precision of searches, including filtering against messy input data, using secondary identifiers to resolve false positives, and handling both individuals and entities intelligently, while ensuring that true matches are correctly identified.

Adverse media screening & monitoring

Monitor and screen adverse media across your organization using Arachnys’ unparalleled global news covering regional news, government registries, NGOs, blogs, social media, leaks and litigation sources. Conduct ad hoc and automated adverse media searches saving time and manual work.

Counterparty risk assessment

Better understand your company’s risk exposure to indirect customers exposed via services such as payment service providers (PSPs). Leverage the Arachnys Data Gateway to quickly gather quantitative insights as to the level of exposure to high-risk industries, such as gambling and cryptocurrencies, and surface the underlying evidence for review by your compliance team.


  • 23,000 data sources globally
  • 40 premium content vendors
  • 98 languages
  • Normalized query parameters
  • Structured data mapped to your schema
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Date and secondary identifier filtering
  • Result deduplication
  • Relevance scoring and sorting
Unified query language

One query language and interface to search watchlists, news, corporate information and more.

Normalized results across different sources

The Unified Search API provides normalized annotations to allow your application to semantically interpret data from any source in any jurisdiction or language in a consistent way, eliminating source differences and providing unified semantics.


Easy-to-use JSON API allows compatibility with all programming languages and frameworks.

Add new sources seamlessly

Standardized interfaces and result formats makes it easy to swap in new sources to support your process, vendor migration and minimize integration maintenance.

Scalable query engine

Run queries involving anything from a single source to thousands on a scalable cloud platform.

Consolidate media providers to get a truly global view

Our platform allows you to merge results sets from different providers to get an aggregate, deduplicated view across all adverse media.

Broadest coverage globally

Over 800 sources of corporate data allow KYC, EDD and other checks of complex corporate vehicles in any jurisdiction on Earth

Ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) information

Combine commercial and open-source data sources to automate UBO determination across borders.

Commercial data partnerships

We work with market-leading commercial data providers as well as directly with registries to provide the most complete data sets available anywhere.

Supports any language and character set

Search tools support all languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean and RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew).

Nature of business

Machine-learning driven analysis of international trade and internet data to determine nature of business.

High-risk industry determination

Automatically identify businesses involved in gambling, illicit drugs, pornography and other high-risk areas as part of AML screening or KYC.

Adverse media

Tunable risk-relevancy signals and scores allow analysts to focus on the most important information and eliminate false positives quickly. Sophisticated search syntax allows boolean and proximity queries as well as tuneable scoring.

Shipment patterns analysis

Score counterparties for risk based on over and under-declaration of goods and other signals that leak from ML-driven analysis of global shipping data.

Denied and high-risk countries

Easily spot high-risk trade behavior by flagging companies trading with sanctioned or high-risk countries.

Cloud RPA

Hook into any web source, even those without APIs, with our cloud RPA tool set.

Desktop RPA

Access any data that is accessible from an analyst’s workstation, no matter what the format.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Automatically populate entity profiles based on data extracted from scanned PDFs and other image formats.

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