Entity API

Create a single entity view

Arachnys enables customers to “connect the dots” across their customer and counterparts universe. By providing best-in-class functionality around understanding and organizing people, organizations, places, and the connections between them in context of all the information Arachnys can access, customers can identify brand new kinds of risk and marry universal data access with a single entity view.

The Arachnys Entity API allows those working in highly regulated industries to aggregate and merge data into unified entity profiles, make internal risk-based decisions, and to back up any number of findings and reports shared with regulators and law enforcement.

The entity data we store and provision enables banks and regulated corporations to make both one-off and macro-level decisions that could have major impacts on their business, prevent regulatory action, and decrease systemic risk.


Create data that anyone can trust

Arachnys enables their customers to track the whole lifecycle of risk-relevant changes in a way that is well-audited and transparent. Providing total control over investigation processes and storing a tamper-proof chain of updates allows Arachnys to morph from “a research application” to an essential part of a customer’s data management infrastructure.

Unified, holistic risk evaluation and monitoring

Traditional case-based investigations and updates operate in their own vacuums, separated from the holistic context of a given customer or counterparty and are prone to error. By using “the entity” as the fundamental building block, both individual analysts and the business have a complete contextual view at any point in time across any investigation task in the customer lifecycle.

Unearth UBOs and hidden network connections

Take the idea of hidden risk to the next level. By resolving companies and persons into a single entity view and traversing connections within an organization, the business can understand complex commercial or personal relationships across the customer base and evaluate new types of risk and control.

Evidence records via a human-friendly audit log

KYC and AML are rife with complex investigations and data reconciliation tasks that may not always be intuitive to someone viewing the work product. As a result, Arachnys provides a full human-friendly audit log for every entity and covers elements like task history, user actions, and a record of all data changes and risk signals.

High-quality, portable data

Providing complete control around how data is accessed and interwoven into KYC and AML tasks, the Arachnys platform natively serves as a data quality tool to virtually eliminates guesswork and re-work typically required to make data “usable.” Arachnys becomes a trusted part of compliance data infrastructure due to the consistency with which entity data is crafted and made consumable, allowing all consumers to operate more efficiently.

Model new types of risk

The flexibility of Arachnys’ entity modeling allows new kinds of risk signals to be identified and standardized for use in risk models via the Arachnys marketplace. As a result, customers can identify new types of risk by leveraging a broader array of available, reliable data points.

Use cases

Map and discover network risk

By resolving new entities into a global entity network graph, you reduce rework by enabling reuse of existing ultimate beneficial ownership information and screening checks as well as enabling fine-grained risk detection by tracking how risk flows through networks.

Funnel curated external data into your CLM

Reduce complexity of parsing, merging and mixing-and-matching data from multiple providers by using Arachnys’ cloud-based data ingestion and curation suite before synchronizing high-quality, fully provenanced entity data into your customer lifecycle management (CLM), master data management (MDM) or other workflow or system of record.

Accelerate perpetual KYC

Subscribe to constantly updated entity profiles that will alert you when action is required because of an entity attribute change or new risk data detection. Integrating with a single entity profile reduces the need for custom merging and change detection code in your application and enables you to trigger manual action only when absolutely necessary.


  • API-first unified customer and counterparty data

  • Flexible entity and relationship definition

  • Underlying support for CIP completion and complex UBO identification

  • Cryptographically-sound audit log

  • Automatic association of users, processes, and supporting evidence provides data lineage and provenance

  • Transparent revision history

  • Frictionless rollbacks and lookbacks for regulatory and law enforcement purposes

Access, structure, and evaluate mission-critical KYC data from across the world and comply with local and international regulations in the most complex cases.

Standardize how entities are defined and constructed to streamline CIP completion, risk evaluation and ensure overall data quality in the business

Leverage industry-leading control over how entities are created and updated; Arachnys natively stores every data point, data change, and risk signal back to the original source record or document.

Associate both structured and unstructured risk information in a single working environment to gain a complete view of complex transactional situations and clarify nature of business.

By associating alerts and cases with a single entity view, you can consolidate and aggregate risk signals with greater ease and precision and perform new kinds of risk analysis across custom populations.

Every data point is connected back to the original source, making tracking changes to data and overall risk on a dynamic, ongoing basis seamless, driving perpetual KYC across the entire population.

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