Commercial real estate onboarding and due diligence made simpler for retail tenants


The EU Compliance Team for a global Commercial Real Estate Investment company were looking for a solution to enhance their Due Diligence (DD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) efforts, including additional Adverse Media Monitoring for their search engine research across all geographies. 

The client was conducting KYC due diligence on retail tenants on an individual basis, and using a variety of data sources. On top of this, the tenants were spread across multiple regions, so the culminating cost to the business was significant.

The team had to prove their due diligence findings to regulators, but this was proving difficult due to a distinct lack of visibility over their clients’ risk profiles. 


To achieve compliance, the answer was to look to Arachnys as a technology provider. Through our platform, we could standardise the client’s due diligence processes through a single platform, where all research can be orchestrated and executed. 

Arachnys supplied the client with access to a huge range of risk-relevant open data sources, and the ability to leverage structured data sources and Google search results as required. The solution was scalable for larger teams, and tenant onboarding was far quicker, as they could be screened at point-of-sale. All this while also reducing data costs.

Our solution gave the client full managerial oversight, and data was stored to provide a complete audit trail to adhere to policies across all regions.


  • Tenant risk profiles can be shared, escalated, dispositioned and exported easily. A full audit trail of the DD process is captured.
  • We supply access to a risk-relevant library of over 23,000 open sources, with search results being presented to analysts and reducing manual effort. 
  • Structured data providers can be displaced or utilized across other business areas, decreasing license costs.
  • A Go-live within 14 days of contract execution provided the board with fast, measurable return on their investment.