CIP completion

Using the Rules API and the Unified Search API you can quickly set and implement policies to flesh out an entire complex KYC task, including network resolution and UBO buildout.

CIP has three major components:

  1. Source discovery
  2. Search
  3. Data reconciliation

Source discovery

Source discovery is either via preconfigured rules, or by using the Source API directly.

Source API

Either these requirements or your own rule set can then be used to query the Source API for sources that can provide the data that your policies require:

The sources endpoint will also help you identify early in your process where external data collection and validation may not assist your process and you may need to undertake other data collection efforts, for instance by seeking additional information from the customer directly through outreach.


Your application can now query some or all of the data sources concerned:

POST /search

See the Unified Search API documentation for further information.

Data reconciliation

The final step is to resolve new attributes from data identified and merge those back to the original entity.

Attribute merging can be carried out by your application automatically, by providing a user interface to support, or a combination of the two.