Arachnys’ innovation into our next decade

Harry Waye and I founded Arachnys almost a decade ago. Primed by my experience conducting investigations in Russia and other opaque jurisdictions, we initially focused on the discoverability and automation of access to deep-web and other data sources.

Since we launched our first product, Arachnys Investigator, we have expanded our vision to include not just data aggregation and consolidation but also complex process automation. We now support thousands of users all over the world using our Spotlight onboarding solution, Navigator AML and EDD investigations platform, and Sentry perpetual KYC system.

Pointing the way

Our original branding was based around the idea of a compass, drawing on its function of showing you the correct way to go as well as nodding to the idea of travel and thereby our international, multilingual heritage. 

We haven’t dropped either of those angles. Arachnys remains the leading authority and source of global data for risk and compliance, whether sourced from our own constantly-updated, multi-terabyte databases or from our extensive network of content partners. 

However, more and more banks and large companies are using Arachnys not just to point them in the right direction but to give them the confidence that they need for positive, profitable and productive customer relationships. Arachnys is helping them build a true 360º picture of their counterparties that can be reused and maintained by different processes happening in silos that previously didn’t communicate. The end result is faster and more confident customer-risk decisions.

As part of this evolution, we decided that the time was right to refresh and recharge our brand. In doing so we decided to play with the metaphor of how computers and humans interact, and the symbiotic role that each plays in a platform like Arachnys. Like with our new logo, Arachnys works with human analysts to fill in the blanks without conscious thought.

Innovate or be innovated

With this redesign we are also making an institutional commitment to continue to innovate rather than sitting back and waiting for innovation to happen to us. We wrestled with whether – given the maturation of the business and our enterprise solutions – it made sense to mature our previous branding or to strike out in a new direction.

I think the result speaks for itself. We are proud of the platform we’ve built, and we’re excited to continue building the infrastructure for painless AML and KYC across the financial services industry and beyond. But technology, domain expertise and data remain our founding strengths, and what gets us out of bed in the mornings is the idea that we can truly transform one of the oldest, most sophisticated industries with the next generation of technology.

David Buxton

David is a former investigator who has advised banks, law firms and leading multinationals on corruption, fraud, money-laundering and other risks. He is a regular speaker on the use of technology for collection, analysis and reporting in a KYC/AML context. He graduated from Oxford University.