Risk Insight & Operational & Usage Performance Assessment

Data is the lifeblood of financial firms. It is used to drive business workflows, evaluate financials, predict and understand risk, ensure compliance, create new products and enhance the customer experience. But turning customer risk and compliance data into useful analytics is a challenge facing today’s financial crime prevention teams.





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The Value of Analytics

Heads of financial crime prevention teams are being impacted by shifts in the use of data. These are shifts that executives can't ignore. Data drives speed to value, cost reductions and improved operational efficiency.  But, only if the right questions are asked and valuable analysis has been applied. Arachnys /Spotlight will enable your organization to truly differentiate yourself, both internally and externally. This differentiation is based on both the quality of the analytics and your ability to turn Arachnys-driven insights into execution. 

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Precise and Quantifiable

Arachnys /Insight provides the ability to deliver precise analysis to quantify the effectiveness or your organization and team business value. In so doing, financial crime prevention teams can meet the strategic and organizational demands placed on them by the firm.  Precise analytics include:

  • Understanding risk concentrations across products, business lines, countries, and legal entities to make informed risk-based time to value decisions
  • Identify and develop benchmarks to optimize your investigation processes
  • Analyze the usefulness of specific adverse terms and their results, thereby improving the efficacy of your term selection and usage
  • Utilize usage activity analytics to assist in compliance monitoring
  • Pinpoint operational bottlenecks which can slow or prevent the accurate allocation of resources for risk identification and dispositioning
  • Integrate with various business intelligence platforms for additional planning, reporting and visualization
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Firm Benefits

Create an analytical fact base to drive your operations. Sample answerable questions:
  • What is my true cost of compliance?
  • What should I do to refine our risk assessments?
  • Which of my operational procedures needs to be modified or do I need to add new policies?
  • Are there any forming operational gaps?
  • Do I have to hire additional people?
  • Who are my best analysts?
  • What performance gaps do I have and do I need to implement supplemental training plans?
  • Do I need additional controls to identify sanctions exposure?


Able to avoid being harmed by any risk, danger or threat


methods for automatically controlling processes, especially online


To make a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance, or character


To act or be in accordance with wishes, requests, demands, requirements, conditions, etc.; agree