Automated AML Solutions

Surface the content that matters, reduce duplication, manual effort and increase data re-use.

Arachnys is a data gateway that allows global financial institutions to assemble everything they need to know about their customers and counterparties.

By consolidating and accelerating information flow, Arachnys enables faster AML by streamlining and automating data gathering and eliminating unnecessary manual checks.

The Problem


All financial institutions struggle with the challenges of understanding who their customers and counterparties really are.

Different types of investigations require different types of data, and existing platforms struggle to manage complex policies across many geographies, languages and scripts.

Building an audit trail is time consuming, and information cannot be reused between teams, leading to duplicative effort and regulatory risk.


The Arachnys Data Gateway


Better data

Unparalleled global source coverage enables you to run 100% of your external data gathering process through a single set of tools.

98 Languages

Surface content in 98 languages, supported in multiple scripts including Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic, across 220 jurisdictions.

Less noise

Capture the relevant information that matters, removing up to 80% of the noise associated with manual search techniques.

Full audit control

Prove your findings with a consolidated PDF report which also includes heat maps, summaries of completed steps and audit supporting detail.

Curate & reuse

Curation tools to create a full audit trail of your external research processes, with the ability to share and reuse data across your organisation.


Connect your organization's workflow applications directly to the external data they need to make better, faster decisions.

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