Executive team

David Buxton - CEO

David Buxton

“Working at Control Risks taught me how to conduct detailed, painstaking investigations manually. That experience inspired me to found Arachnys, enabling companies of all types - not just investigations specialists - to define, follow and monitor highly-automated compliance processes and instantly conduct due diligence checks against our unparalleled worldwide data sources.”

David is a former Control Risks investigator who worked on due diligence, anti-corruption and fraud investigations in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet countries.

As well as Russian, David speaks Spanish, Croatian, French and bad Turkish. He studied Philosophy and Russian at Oxford University.

Harry Waye - CTO

Harry Waye

“David came to me with a big idea to automate a lot of the repetitive work that highly-skilled analysts everywhere spend too much time on. It was the sort of big data problem I couldn’t resist. Our technology, combined with our regional research specialists, makes what can be very tedious and error-prone work much more effective than a pure human solution.”

Harry is a mathematician-turned-programmer who studied at the University of Cambridge. His academic interest is in topology, but his programming expertise is wide-ranging, including backend development using Python and C++, and frontend JavaScript coding.

Mike Cerillo - Head of Solutions

Mike Cerillo

“While at Bloomberg I saw a dramatic increase in emerging markets engagement from firms in many sectors. Regulatory demands meant there had to be a need for a specialist product to mitigate risk, so when I heard about Arachnys I wanted to be part of it.”

Mike is responsible for the Solutions Team at Arachnys. He previously helped raise government funds for a small charity that encourages online giving, and before that spent 6 years at Bloomberg, working mainly with Swiss-based hedge funds.

Having seen the information business from the inside, Mike brings years of experience of how financial services firms use data and technology to power their businesses.

Douglas Squirrel - VP, Engineering

Douglas Squirrel

“Arachnys has built an incredible technology organization, doing innovative and cutting-edge things to harvest data from places nobody else can.”

Squirrel specialises in helping software organisations improve productivity and quality, having most recently built the technology organisation of TIM Group from the ground up and growing revenues from its financial software business from £0 to £10m in seven years.

He provides advice to Arachnys on a wide range of technology and management issues.

James Hawkins - VP, Operations

James Hawkins

“Arachnys’ real advantage is the depth of knowledge of the team - the amazing technology that has resulted from this, provides a fantastic ability to get into the markets we choose.”

James joins Arachnys from starting a lead generation firm. He took it on as a project a few years after graduating from Cambridge and grew it over 18 months into a £multi-million business employing 50 people, generating thousands of home appointments of consumers sold to businesses to provide relevant products and services. He is responsible for sales and marketing, business KPIs and process efficiency.

Edo de Vries Robbé - VP, Product


“I’ve been following Arachnys since the early days, and I joined because I believe they are currently the hottest company in the compliance space. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to make a significant impact on Arachnys’ development by setting product strategy and helping define the future of the industry.”

Before joining Arachnys, Edo was at The Red Flag Group for five and a half years being the person behind the success of the company’s thriving due diligence business. Having developed the due diligence product suite, having been in charge of the global due diligence operations and having managed more than 50,000 due diligence investigations across all industries in every country in the world, he brings a wealth of experience and deep inside industry knowledge to Arachnys.

Suezann Holmes - CFO

"Arachnys' technology allows our customers to undertake due diligence on individuals and organisations worldwide quickly and cost effectively. It is "one of the most useful programs for fraud and investigations" according to the Wall Street Journal."    

Suezann looks after the financials at Arachnys and is a key member of the management team committed to building exponential value in the company. Prior to joining Arachnys, Suezann was the Finance Director, Virgin Media Content Division and the CFO of moo.com. She holds an MBA from The Wharton School and an MA in International Relations from The University of Pennsylvania.


Business development and account management

Lynn Petesch - Country Manager, USA

Lynn Petesch

“Conducting business safely across borders is an extremely complex problem filled with local know-how that is hard for companies to deal with efficiently. I joined Arachnys because of the sheer size of the market we could impact, particularly with the number of banks and corporates in the USA.”

Lynn leads Arachnys’ New York office and is responsible for revenue growth from new or existing clients in the USA. She joined Arachnys after working for Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg and Brussels, and the World Food Programme in Geneva and Brussels. She studied Politics at the University of Nottingham and then graduated from LSE with an MSc in International Relations. She speaks fluent French, German, Spanish and Luxembourgish.

Simon King - Sales Manager

Simon King

“What I enjoy most about Arachnys is the collaborative nature of the company. Whether it’s technology, research or sales, we are all pulling in the same direction, which is to make the company great.”

Simon joined Arachnys to build out the company’s footprint within the corporate market. He was formerly a Sales Manager at Dow Jones where he focused on new business within FTSE 100 organisations and top tier Private Equity firms. Prior to Dow Jones he worked as an investment banking recruiter within boutique firms in London. He graduated from Leeds with a BA in History.

Aaron Tanner - Sales Manager

Aaron Tanner

“What I like most about Arachnys is being able to help skilled analysts solve genuinely hard problems with big data.”

Aaron studied History at Kings College, London before working as a recruiter for top talent for finance and tech companies. He moved to Arachnys from top London logistics startup Rangespan.

Mohamed Nassar - Outreach Manager

Mohamed Nassar

"I do believe that Arachnys provides a one of a kind product that simplifies clients' risk and compliance processes through using technology. Nevertheless, Arachnys provides a great environment to learn and grow."

Mohamed moved to the UK to complete his MBA in International Marketing at Coventry University. He has experience in Retail, Business Process Outsourcing and Banks. 

Tim Marques - Customer Success Manager


"What I like most about Arachnys is the open working culture and having the freedom to work closely with other teams to make Arachnys a huge success. There is a fantastic culture where everyone is so driven to make clients extremely pleased with our technology solutions"

Tim studied Computer Forensics at Leeds Metropolitan University. Having perviously worked as a Technical Support Specialist for High Q in Australia he was keen to join the hottest tech company when moving back to London. He has experience working with clients in the legal and financial industries.

Pierre Vincent - Outreach Manager

Pierre Vincent

“The best thing about working at Arachnys is the people, and that we provide software that truly facilitates business procedures to be carried out ethically.”

Pierre recently completed his MA in Management and Organisational Dynamics, focusing on a psychoanalytical view on organisations. He opens up discussions with potential clients to find out who could really benefit from Arachnys’ platform. He is the link between marketing and sales, and looks to provide helpful information, guides, content or product demos wherever they’re wanted.

Eva McCann Rosales - Senior Account Manager

"Whilst at Dow Jones I recognised my clients increasing need to use technology to be faster, cheaper and smarter in their due diligence operations. Arachnys has been extremely quick and innovative in addressing these requirements. By combining technical expertise with our highly qualified research team we help clients conduct effective governance with increased efficiencies, scalable across a whole organisation; it's the future of compliance and I wanted to be part of it."

Eva works as an Account Manager at Arachnys. After gaining a BA in Sociology from Reading University, she worked as a Relationship Manager for a number of financial publications including Financial Times and Dow Jones.

Kathy Gormley, CAMS - Senior Account Manager

Kathy Gormley

“Arachnys gives me the opportunity to work closely with clients across a range of sectors from accountancy to investment banking. Working as part of a small team means that I can also see the impact of my work and how it helps my clients and my company.”

Kathy is an account manager at Arachnys. She studied Business and Economics at Trinity College, Dublin and at the University of Cologne. Kathy moved to Arachnys from Deloitte where she worked as a corporate tax advisor.

Antonis Kazoulis - Marketing Lead

"Arachnys is the future of compliance. State of the art technology coupled with human expertise are here to revolutionize an industry that has fallen behind in the way it operates. It's a privilege to be a part of company that is changing the application and meaning of conducting due diligence."

Antonis holds a Business Management degree and a Master in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster. Having worked on the London startup scene after graduating, he brings a combination of business acumen and creative flair to lead content creation and marketing at Arachnys.

Paul May - Editor


"The risk & compliance industry requires open advice and insight perhaps more than any other. Arachnys is uniquely-placed to respond to ever-changing international regulation and apply technology to these problems."

Paul is responsible for the production of content at Arachnys and graduated from University College London in European History and French, after having worked at UCL in various international departments. After working commercially in marketing and design, and as a teacher in international relations, politics and history, he brings his insight on the nexus of regulatory infrastructure to Arachnys's output. 


Solutions team

Jeni Abramson, CAMS - Solutions Consultant

Jeni Abramson

“There is a strong correlation between financial development and access to information in emerging economies. I work at Arachnys because everyone here is passionate about combining technology and research to bridge cross-border information gaps.”

Jeni has extensive experience in financial services regulatory matters, with an emphasis on anti-money laundering and due diligence. She has a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Union College and an M.A. in Investor Relations from the University of San Francisco. Jeni has held various positions at Thomson Reuters, Nasdaq and Alacra. As a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, she advises Arachnys clients on developing robust due diligence workflows. Jeni speaks Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish, and a little French.

Annegret Funke, CAMS - Solutions Consultant

Annegret Funke

“Our clients need to be able to make informed decisions in very complex business environments. Arachnys makes raw data actionable so that our users can focus on turning information into insight.”

Annegret works in the Solutions Team at Arachnys, specializing in data and risk-relevant information. She studied International Relations and Security in Switzerland, Beirut and London and has regional expertise in the Middle East and North Africa. She began her career in risk analysis at Siemens before moving on to work for the German Embassy in London. She has also worked at a financial services startup.


Research team

Dr. Ed Long - Head of Research

Ed Long

“Arachnys is exciting because customers buy not just our human expertise and institutional knowledge of thousands of hard-to-find emerging markets sources, but can also directly benefit from that by searching and analysing information in a single place.”

Ed is Head of Research at Arachnys, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region. He moved to Arachnys from Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government, where he worked on projects in learning technology. He holds a PhD in computational biology and has previous work experience teaching English to primary school pupils in Shanghai and Computer Science to Masters students at University College London. Ed speaks Mandarin, German, French and Welsh and is learning Korean.

Radu Botez - Research & Data Manager

Radu Botez

“I enjoy combining my regional expertise with technology to offer clients a platform that gives them access to hand-picked sources, allowing them to cut through the noise.”

Radu combines his Master’s Degree Cum Laude in International Security from Sciences Po Paris, a further Master’s Degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, and fluency in German, Romanian, and French, plus a solid understanding of Spanish, basic Norwegian and Urdu to seek out the most relevant and best data sources available, integrating these into the Arachnys platform.

Veronika Pal - Research & Data Manager


"Arachnys understands how to best combine automation with human judgment, allowing analysts to focus on what they do best: solving complex tasks where their expertise adds the most value. I joined Arachnys because I think it really takes due diligence investigations to the next level."

Veronika joined Arachnys after working as a due diligence analyst at The Red Flag Group in Hong Kong and London. Prior to that, she was a senior tax advisor at EY Hungary. She studied economics and international relations in Budapest and data science in London.

Technical team

Marcus Hyett - Product Manager

Marcus Hyett

“I believe in delivering the right product to the right people, at the right time. Aligning the power of our in-house research and technical capability is key to delivering market defining products as they are required.”

Marcus has practical experience from a varied career in front-line operations and project management at Network Rail. Founding an industry leading Enterprise Mobility department and delivering 50+ mobile apps and prototypes to drive £millions in savings. Marcus has a degree in Mathematics and Physics and also worked at a telecoms startup.

Dr. Matthew Brown - Lead Developer

Matthew Brown

“My academic background is using artificial intelligence to enable computers to solve problems that normally only humans can, just much faster. At Arachnys that’s something we focus on every day.”

Matthew is a senior developer at Arachnys. He completed his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and data mining in industry at the University of Reading and specialises in big data analysis.

Jean-Frédéric Berthelot - Developer

Jean-Frédéric Berthelot

“I am passionate about multilingualism, I love how our software allows users to effortlessly search through more than 80 languages. And I love how sales and tech work together to deliver the best possible product to our clients - that’s not always the case in our industry.”

Jean-Frédéric studied computer science and software engineering at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées in Rennes, France. He joined Arachnys as a DevOps engineer after working for the French National Centre for Scientific Research in Lille, developing software for bioinformatics research.

Dr. James Mardell - Developer

James Mardell

“Arachnys affords people to explore the world’s most complex and data sources in an easy to comprehend interface.”

James completed his PhD in Information Engineering at Imperial College London. He explored techniques for enhancing our ability to search through massive quantities of information by modifying the interface to fully utilize the human visual system. Before joining Arachnys, he was an active partner in a European Union project to develop a continuous monitoring system for diabetes patients.

Roey Izhaki - UX/Product Designer

Roey Izhaki

“If your product design is not user-driven, you are building a product to yourself, which is only great if you buy a lot of your own products.”

Roey has began his UX/Development career in 1994, designing systems for the military intelligence, education and accounting sectors. Currently completing an MSc in Human-centred systems, he is terribly fond of psychology, cognition, and complex problems.

Cedric Cordenier - QA Specialist

Cedric Cordonier

“Technology puts immeasurable amounts of data at our fingertips. Arachnys provides the means to sort through the chaff.”

Before joining Arachnys, Cedric worked as an analyst for a political risk consultancy focussed on human-rights and sustainability issues in the extractive industry. He holds a degree in political economy from the LSE, is fluent in French and Dutch and has basic knowledge of Spanish.

Tim Glaser - Developer

Tim Glasner

“I love using software as a tool to solve real problems for real customers.”

Tim started his first web development job at age sixteen. Before joining Arachnys he ran a web consultancy business while traveling all over Europe and America. Now he builds and shapes the front-end for Arachnys’ new and existing products.

Michal Charemza - Software Engineer


"Arachnys' software development process is second to none. They have an excellent combination of automated and human QA, which means releases can be both frequent and low risk. This, coupled with their dedication to continuous improvement of this process, is why I joined the team."

Michal has masters degrees in Mathematics, Scientific Computing, and Physics. He has been programming since his early childhood, designed websites, caching system, built billing and point of sale systems, parallelised simulations of solar plasmas, and designed and maintained a system that runs 200+ dynamic websites, overseeing new customer-facing features and server-side upgrades. More recently he has been pushing the limits of real time browser-side processing, building a JavaScript-based video editor, taking it from technical proof of concept through to commercial product.