Staffed by linguists, risk analysts and technology specialists, Arachnys combines human expertise with innovative technology to build cutting-edge tools for KYC, AML, EDD and investigative research. 


  • David Buxton

    David Buxton


    “Working at Control Risks taught me how to conduct detailed, painstaking investigations manually. That experience inspired me to found Arachnys, enabling companies of all types - not just investigations specialists - to define, follow and monitor highly-automated compliance processes and instantly conduct due diligence checks against our unparalleled worldwide data sources.”

    David is a former Control Risks investigator who worked on due diligence, anti-corruption and fraud investigations in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet countries.

    As well as Russian, David speaks Spanish, Croatian, French and bad Turkish. He studied Philosophy and Russian at Oxford University.

  • Harry Waye

    Harry Waye


    “David came to me with a big idea to automate a lot of the repetitive work that highly-skilled analysts everywhere spend too much time on. It was the sort of big data problem I couldn’t resist. Our technology, combined with our regional research specialists, makes what can be very tedious and error-prone work much more effective than a pure human solution.”

    Harry is a mathematician turned programmer who studied at the University of Cambridge. His academic interest is in topology, but his programming expertise is wide-ranging, including backend development using Python and C++, and frontend JavaScript coding.

  • Mike Cerillo

    Mike Cerillo

    Head of Solutions

    “While at Bloomberg I saw a dramatic increase in emerging markets engagement from firms in many sectors. Regulatory demands meant there had to be a need for a specialist product to mitigate risk, so when I heard about Arachnys I wanted to be part of it.”

    Mike is responsible for the Solutions Team at Arachnys. He previously helped raise government funds for a small charity that encourages online giving, and before that spent 6 years at Bloomberg, working mainly with Swiss-based hedge funds.

    Having seen the information business from the inside, Mike brings years of experience of how financial services firms use data and technology to power their businesses.

  • James Hawkins

    James Hawkins

    VP, Operations

    "I'm incredibly excited at the true thought-leadership at Arachnys. Driving a holistic approach to risk across front, middle and back offices means financial institutions can segment their client base to optimise for profitability, getting to the point where we can truly drive insight into which markets banks should be targeting. We're completely revolutionising banks' effectiveness at reducing risk, building trust and transparency with regulators, and pragmatically driving immediate time to value on the way. Have your cake and eat it too."

    James is leading the Arachnys client-facing organisation, managing sales, marketing and implementation teams working with the world's largest financial institutions. His role is ensuring that Arachnys build and execute a journey from a tactical efficiency and rigorous process control starting point, through to revolutionary strategic benefits and complete vertical and horizontal integration across the entire compliance function. The aim is to fundamentally redefine the role, value and perception of compliance across all revenue-generating activities with our clients' businesses.

    After graduating from Cambridge, James started as a developer, then built and led a £MM revenue lead generation business, the core capability of which was the implementation of end to end tracking to model and optimise revenue generation from marketing channel to balance sheet.

  • Edo de Vries Robbé

    Edo de Vries Robbé

    VP, Product

    “I’ve been following Arachnys since the early days and joined because I believe Arachnys is currently the hottest thing and the company to watch in the compliance space. I’m thrilled to be able to make a significant contribution to Arachnys' growth and help define the future of due diligence and KYC.”

    Edo heads up the Arachnys product group and is in charge of managing the company's strategic partnerships. Before joining Arachnys, Edo spent over five years at The Red Flag Group where he was behind the success of the thriving due diligence business, and instrumental in helping the company make the difficult transition from being small to medium-sized. He brings a wealth of experience and deep industry knowledge to Arachnys.

  • Suezann Holmes

    Suezann Holmes


    "Arachnys' technology allows our customers to undertake due diligence on individuals and organisations worldwide quickly and cost effectively. It is "one of the most useful programs for fraud and investigations" according to the Wall Street Journal."    

    Suezann looks after the financials at Arachnys and is a key member of the management team committed to building exponential value in the company. Prior to joining Arachnys, Suezann was the Finance Director, Virgin Media Content Division and the CFO of She holds an MBA from The Wharton School and an MA in International Relations from The University of Pennsylvania.

  • Douglas Squirrel

    Douglas Squirrel

    VP, Engineering

    “Arachnys has built an incredible technology organization, doing innovative and cutting-edge things to harvest data from places nobody else can.”

    Squirrel specialises in helping software organisations improve productivity and quality, having most recently built the technology organisation of TIM Group from the ground up and growing revenues from its financial software business from £0 to £10m in seven years.

    He provides advice to Arachnys on a wide range of technology and management issues.

  • Lynn Petesch

    Lynn Petesch

    Country Manager, USA

    “Conducting business safely across borders is an extremely complex problem filled with local know-how that is hard for companies to deal with efficiently. I joined Arachnys because of the sheer size of the market we could impact, particularly with the number of banks and corporates in the USA.”

    Lynn leads Arachnys’ New York office and is responsible for revenue growth from new or existing clients in the USA. She joined Arachnys after working for Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg and Brussels, and the World Food Programme in Geneva and Brussels. She studied Politics at the University of Nottingham and then graduated from LSE with an MSc in International Relations. She speaks fluent French, German, Spanish and Luxembourgish.


  • Greg Meekings

    Greg Meekings


    “Over the course of my career at Reuters, emerging markets are something that we looked at several times but the scale of the problem defeated us each time. It’s great to be finally conquering the problem!”

    Until 2004, Greg was CIO at Reuters. He has spent 30 years in the production, implementation, sales and operations of IT systems and services. Previously he worked for Logica, First Computer, and a number of technology start-ups.

    In addition to Arachnys, Greg chairs two pension schemes with combined liabilities exceeding £1.5bn. As well as being interested in technology he loves to walk, sail and play golf.

  • Peter Cowley

    Peter Cowley

    Investor Director

    Peter has a Cambridge University Engineering and Computer Science degree, followed by an entrepreneurial career in software, electronics and property development.

    He is now a very active angel investor, mentor, charity trustee and is non-exec director of several start-ups. Peter is also a fellow of the Judge Business School in Cambridge, and UK Angel Investor of the Year.


  • Adam Cohen

    Adam Cohen

    Adam has worked as a consultant, investor, and entrepreneur, with stints at Bain & Company and RIT Capital Partners. His last venture was a training business focused on private investors. He sits on the boards of several charitable foundations and is currently writing a novel.

  • Alan Morgan

    Alan Morgan

    Alan Morgan is an investor in growth businesses. He chairs MMC Ventures which invests across sectors, and Adfisco which invests in and advises primarily financial services businesses. He was for many years a senior partner in McKinsey and Co leading its financial services practices in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

  • Ramona Liberoff

    Ramona Liberoff

    Ramona Liberoff has a twenty year background in strategic marketing and consulting, with a focus on consumer and technology sectors. She has worked for a number of WPP companies, British Telecom and KPMG in senior roles. She holds masters’ degrees from Yale University and the London School of Economics.

Business development and account management

  • Aaron Tanner

    Aaron Tanner

    UK Sales Team Manager

    “What I like most about Arachnys is being able to help skilled analysts solve genuinely hard problems with big data.”

    Aaron studied History at Kings College, London before working as a recruiter for top talent for finance and tech companies. He moved to Arachnys from top London logistics startup Rangespan.

  • Jeni Abramson

    Jeni Abramson

    CAMS – Global Account Director

    "I work at Arachnys because the future of regulatory compliance is impossible without intelligent technology." 

    Jeni has extensive experience in financial services regulatory matters, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance processes, anti-money laundering and due diligence. Prior to joining Arachnys, Jeni held various positions at Thomson Reuters, NASDAQ and Alacra. Today she works with the world's largest banks to solve global KYC, AML and EDD challenges through robotic process automation, smart workflows and analyst cognitive enhancement technologies. Jeni also directly supported the ICIJ in identifying PEPs in the Panama Papers and other Offshore Leaks projects. 

  • Russell Taylor

    Russell Taylor

    Sales Director

    “There is still a significant problem at financial institutions of manually collecting client data for on-boarding, remediation, KYC and AML processes. Arachnys can solve this problem using the latest technology (robotic process automation and analyst cognitive enhancement), saving around 30-60% of an analyst’s time”

    Russell is a Sales Director at Arachnys, responsible for the expanding the client base at financial institutions across the globe. He has been working in London for 20 years in the financial industry for firms such as Alacra, S&P, Fenergo and CounterpartyLink. He has a Business Studies degree from Hull University.

Marketing & Content

  • Antonis Kazoulis

    Antonis Kazoulis

    Marketing Lead

    "Arachnys is the future of compliance. State of the art technology coupled with human expertise are here to revolutionize an industry that has fallen behind in the way it operates. It's a privilege to be a part of company that is changing the application and meaning of conducting due diligence."

    Antonis holds a Business Management degree and a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster. Having worked on the London startup scene after graduating, he brings a combination of business acumen and creative flair to lead marketing at Arachnys.

  • Paul May

    Paul May


    "The risk & compliance industry requires open advice and insight perhaps more than any other. Arachnys is uniquely-placed to respond to ever-changing international regulation and apply technology to these problems."

    Paul leads content production & editorial at Arachnys and graduated from University College London in European History and French, after having worked at UCL in various international departments. After working commercially as a consultant in marketing and design, and as a teacher in international relations, politics and history, he brings his insight on the nexus of regulatory infrastructure to Arachnys's output.


  • Annegret Funke

    Annegret Funke

    CAMS – Solutions Consultant

    “Our clients need to be able to make informed decisions in very complex business environments. Arachnys makes raw data actionable so that our users can focus on turning information into insight.”

    Annegret works in the Solutions Team at Arachnys, specializing in data and risk-relevant information. She studied International Relations and Security in Switzerland, Beirut and London and has regional expertise in the Middle East and North Africa. She began her career in risk analysis at Siemens before moving on to work for the German Embassy in London. She has also worked at a financial services startup.



  • Marcus Hyett

    Marcus Hyett

    Product Manager

    “I believe in delivering the right product to the right people, at the right time. Aligning the power of our in-house research and technical capability is key to delivering market defining products as they are required.”

    Marcus has practical experience from a varied career in front-line operations and project management at Network Rail. Founding an industry leading Enterprise Mobility department and delivering 50+ mobile apps and prototypes to drive £millions in savings. Marcus has a degree in Mathematics and Physics and also worked at a telecoms startup.