12 weeks later, this national bank’s EDD case time has been cut in half!


“We need to conduct EDD globally but most of our team have never left the state!”

Managing Director, High Risk Accounts

A key regulatory requirement is to monitor for risk relevant changes in your client base. One of the largest banks in the US was doing exactly that, but found international research challenging.

The first problem was that the bank’s staff were unsure of where to look to understand risk – often leading to very large costs of outsourcing this work, with a sense that they’d rather upskill their team to carry out this work in- house.

The second problem was that this research had many areas where analysts could add value, in particular interpreting data and making decisions, but there were many other areas such as copy pasting information into an audit trail and trying to find out where to look, that they wanted automation to help improve their effectiveness.

The bank’s clients were continuously assessed on score based on 21 risk factors, such as location and products used. Whenever these factors exceeded a threshold, the bank’s client would require Enhanced Due Diligence. Often this would be for clients with international exposure – because of an international ownership structure. The third challenge faced by the bank was that this international research often requires searching foreign language content – and with no pre-existing capability to search and translate content globally, it was possible to miss risk-relevant data.


Arachnys were the first ever vendor in the bank to use cloud, and ran a full cloud adoption program in parallel to the contracting process to achieve this.

Within 12 weeks, we’ve seen our EDD spend cut in half – that’s the power of cloud deployment!

Managing Director, High Risk Accounts

As a direct result of our cloud architecture and configuration-based deployment, we astonished the client with how quickly we implemented – 12 weeks from contract signature to fully live platform for 75 users.


The bank was delighted with the efficiency result – the team of 75 cut the time in half to conduct EDD, eliminating redundant work and enabling their team to focus on a better process.

The client is now looking at adding another 35 users in their AML Investigations team, and a further 15 in their fraud analytics. We were really pleased to see this was through the client trusting Arachnys with scoping this work through a paid Analysis and Design engagement to help define the Statement Of Work.

“It’s great to work with a team who are excited about the benefits of cloud. I believe we were successful because the team were ready and receptive to updating their process and getting more powerful tools for their work. The client saw the importance to driving adoption when the tool was first delivered, this enabled a lot of their success.”

James Hammerton, Solutions Director, Arachnys