Frictionless KYC & AML

Intelligent data to onboard and monitor any business, fast.

How a tier 1 bank avoided $100M in remediation costs

Learn how we helped this investment bank speed up their KYC process, reduce duplication and improve policy consistency across 150 jurisdictions.

Achieving Perpetual KYC - White Paper

How banks can reduce onboarding times, KYC refresh costs and improve the customer experience by leveraging better data, technology and automation.

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Intelligent data to onboard and monitor any business, fast.

Arachnys accelerates onboarding by providing the best global KYC and AML data. Enriched, automated data on customers enables straight-through processing and means fewer customer touchpoints, less risk and quicker revenue.

Real-time registry and adverse media connections allow you to keep regulators happy while reducing refresh costs and improving customer experience.

A suite of APIs allow modular integration into customer lifecycle and case management tools, removing manual processes, reducing headcount, and improving efficiency.


AML & Investigations

Surface the content that matters, reduce duplication, manual effort and increase data re-use.

KYC & Onboarding

Assemble everything you need to know about your customers and counterparties.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Capture only the relevant information that matters, removing up to 80% of the noise.
Entities monitored
Risk relevant articles

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Industry-wide problems


Banks are losing money because the ‘time to revenue’ for customer onboarding is too long. The overall onboarding time for corporate banking customers is a staggering 90-120 days* (Oliver Wyman).

Banks are still relying on huge compliance teams to manually deal with remediation backlogs and ongoing monitoring issues. There's now an average of 307 deployed KYC employees* (Thomson Reuters).

The onboarding and review processes cause friction resulting in a poor customer experience. 85% of corporates have not had a good KYC experience, resulting in 12% changing banks* (Thomson Reuters).

The Arachnys Advantage


Faster onboarding

Accelerate onboarding by automatically resolving entity data using any data provider or registry in over 200 jurisdictions.

Reduce headcount

Reduce headcount with automated perpetual KYC, monitoring for changes and adverse information using configurable data sources.
improved efficiency

Intelligent automation

Automate laborious tasks by using AI to extract data wherever it is buried, whether in the deep web or in scanned PDF documents.
KYC data

Enrich entity profiles

Save time by instantly normalizing and enriching entity profiles against company registries, commercial data sets and reference data.
KYC data tree

UBO identification

Find emerging risks quicker by drilling down into corporate hierarchies and identifying ultimate beneficial owners across any business.
adverse media

Screening at scale

Intelligently screen entire corporate structures for sanctions, PEP, adverse media, and high-risk industry exposure.

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