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KYC and Onboarding

Manual & error-prone Know Your Customer (KYC) & Customer Information (CIP) operations have a dramatic impact on your risk assessments, time to value and ability to mitigate a compliance miss. You know this already. Eliminating these challenges requires a cloud-native, entity creation and management solution.

The Arachnys Customer Risk Intelligence platform for KYC and Client Onboarding extracts, assembles, and evaluates external and 3rd party content for client risk assessment, alert triaging, relationship interrogation and beneficial ownership verification.

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Risk Assessment and EDD

Without centralized, policy-driven investigations, your Due Diligence operations (EDD & CDD) will continue to be error prone, disjointed, and slow. Arachnys utilizes an entity-led approach to risk assessment and Due Diligence. It captures and curates comprehensive, open source and third-party data for risk decisioning. By also providing process management, remediation, and case triage tools, Arachnys facilitates a coordinated, policy-driven approach to investigation.

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Periodic Review

Achieving continuous insight about the state of your entities is critical to your KYC efforts. The risk intelligence platform provides complete, real-time, and event-driven monitoring for all entities in your firm’s universe. Following your designed processes, you can automate your delta monitoring to provide real-time, event driven updates to entity CIP profiles to significantly reduce periodic review workload.

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Analytics at Scale

Arachnys' analytic solutions helps rationalize massive amounts of risk data and turn it into actionable information by providing advanced analytics and information visualization. Insights into your cost of compliance, process optimization, and team operational effectiveness unlock valuable new intelligence on the state of your KYC, AML & EDD/CDD processes.

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Built For The Cloud

The Arachnys Customer Risk Intelligence platform is a cloud-native solution which not only provides a scalable and secure infrastructure, but enables the creation of an entity-centric data-driven analytic platform. The platform also provides integration services using open-APIs and web services for the integration of content, in-house or third-party systems. It secures your data regardless of deployment option.

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