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Arachnys offers unparalleled control over truly global data.

Arachnys is the only way to make sure your team see exactly
what they need in the most efficient and auditable way possible,
to empower your due diligence decision making.

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Best for streamlining your searches

Arachnys D3
  • Define, rapidly execute and track enhanced due diligence processes far more efficiently and reliably than is possible any other way.
  • Use Arachnys' data, integrate 3rd party data vendors' data or internal documents.
  • Use escalation to control what each person in your team does, and use the robust audit trail to know automatically that they're following the process you design.

Best for deep-dive investigations

Arachnys Investigator
  • Use our search engine for curated compliance relevant data to go beyond checking lists - get direct access to 16,000 sources of data across 220 countries, all in one place.
  • Minimize the risk that you will miss any potentially relevant information.
  • Run a global news search or check corporate registries worldwide, run country level investigations into litigation, media, corporation, or regulatory categories.


  • Arachnys' data includes 16,000 sources across 220 countries, and is industry-leading in emerging markets. It can be used in both D3 and Investigator products to make sure your analysts get precisely the information they need to analyze.
  • Configure the combination you want of Arachnys' data, custom sources that we will integrate for you, third party data, or internal data. The end result is that you end up with the best possible data worldwide in the industry.
  • Our dedicated research team tirelessly work to include new data sources to help meet the latest regulatory and risk-reducing requirements of your organization.

A few of our clients

citi deloitte bdo
fxcm taft nedbank
ipsa icij playtech
university of cambridge judge datarama bank of india
  • With Arachnys, I found information in 30 seconds that I had been after for 4 months.
  • Investigator, major multilateral lender

Featured in

  • We harness risk-relevant data from the wild, in a way that no one else can.
  • David Buxton, Arachnys CEO

Meet regulatory requirements & reduce risk

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We publish research into how to use our tools more effectively to tackle the latest regulatory changes.

Our researchers specialize in regulation, policies, and data; they hand-pick data sources to power our technology and produce guides to share their knowledge.